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    Wireless TV link



    How can I watch TV channels on TV2 via Philips TV link?

    By principle, analog TV links are notcapable of transferring your locally-offered set of TV channels. It can only transfer one video+audio signal at a time. However, there is a solution that can be utilized, by using the internal receiver of your * VCR (connected to your TV cable provider) * Sat Box (connected to your TV cable provider, DVBT antenna or outdoor satellite dish) What steps do I need to take? 1. Program your favorite TV channels into the VCR/Sat Box 2. Connect the video output of the VCR/Sat Box to the TV Link transmitter; refer to the manual. 3. Use the VCR/Sat Box remote control to select the required TV channel. Note: some VCRs automatically switch off after some time. Check its user manual to change that function to “always on”.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: SLV3220/05 , SLV3100/05 , SLV5405/05 , SLV5400/05 , SBCVL1405/05 , SBCVL1100/05 , SBCVL1400/05 , SBCVL1200/05 . more less

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