Home Office Surge Protector

8 outlets, 2700J, Grey SPN4087B/10


How do the 4 outlets of a Philips surge protector work?

The 4 secondary outlets only work when there is a device connected to the Master outlet and this device is switched ON. Note: * There must be a main device (like a TV or desktop PC) connected to the Master outlet * The connected Master device mustconsume 30 Wor more (A laptop is not suitable to act as a Master device) Explanation: The Surge Protector detects when a device connected to the Master outlet is switched ON or OFF (only when power consumption >30 W). The purpose of this Master + Secondary outlet is that if you switch ON/OFF the Master component, all other devices connected to the 4 secondary outlets are automatically switched on/shut down as well.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SPN4087B/10 , SPN4087C/10 , SPN4087A/10 .

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