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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PDC (or what is VPS)?

The abbreviation PDC stands for Program Delivery Control. This technology consists of hidden codes that are included in the Teletext signal. These codes indicate the exact beginning and end of a TV broadcast. Your DVD recorder decodes this added signal so it can start stop recording at the correct time. VPS (Video Programming System) is similar but somewhat outdated technology that was applied predominantly in Germany. Notes: * Digital broadcastings never contain VPS/PDC information * VPS/PDC information is only available on a limited number of (analogue) channels. These are mostly public channels. In general, the VPS/PDC information is not available for every programme on these channels * If the VPS/PDC signal is not available even though you have switched the option on, transmission of that particular channel has probably been interrupted. Contact your provider to find out what the status of the channel is and if it includes PDC codes

The information on this page applies to the following models: DVDR3300H/05 .

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