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Digital Audio Broadcasting DA1000/05


Cannot set PRESET stations on my Philips DA1000 radio

  1. During playing a station, press PRESET button. 2. Push left/right SELECT control to find a free location to store your new station. For example, ?Preset 1 free? is displayed. 3. Press and hold PRESET button for 3 seconds. For example ?Preset 1 saved? is displayed to confirm a station is successfully saved and a smile icon shows up on the display. 4. There are 10 DAB stations available to preset. 5. To recall a preset station, press PRESET button. The display shows current station name at the top display line and available presets at the bottom. 6. Push left/right SELECT control once or more to find your desired preset. 7. Press ENTER button to confirm and your desired preset radio station plays. The smile icon shows up on the display.

The information on this page applies to the following models: DA1000/05 .

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