GoGEAR Portable video player

2 GB, 6.1 cm/2.4" full colour display SA3325/02


How to transfer a video from PC to my Philips player?

You can download video files to your player using Philips Media Converter. 1. Connect your player to the PC using the supplied USB cable. 2. Double-click the Philips Media Converter icon on your desktop to launch the application. 3. Select Current Device at the bottom of the screen. The contents will be stored directly on the connected player. 4. Click the Add Media button to select your video files. 5. Click Open when you have found the video files on your PC that you want to transfer to the player. You may also add additional video files. OR Select the files in Windows Explorer, and then drag and drop them into the Philips Media Converter screen. 6. Click Convert. 7. The progress of conversion and transfer is shown. Note: In case you convert the files on your PC. Next time, if you transfer these converted video files to your player, move them into the Video folder of your player. Otherwise your player cannot read the converted video clips.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SA3325/02 .

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