DVD/VCR Player

Direct Dubbing DVP3055V/01


How to record from digital channels with Philips VCR?

Since the tuner of the DVD player/video recorder cannot install digital channels you need an external device with an integrated digital tuner to record digital channels. * Connect a SCART cable from the TO TV SCART socket of the Set Top Box (STB) to EXT 2 of the DVD player/video recorder * Switch the STB to the channel you want to record from * Select EXT 2 as source on the video recorder and record Notes: * It is also possible to make timer recordings. Set EXT 2 as source. Set the timer on the STB as well. * It is also possible to record from a TV with an integrated digital tuner. Connect EXT 1 of the device with a SCART connection of the TV that is an IN/OUT connection. Select EXT 1 as source of the recording on the device. Select the digital channel that you want to record from at the TV.

The information on this page applies to the following models: DVP3055V/01 , DVP3100V/19 , DVP3100V/02 , DVP3100V/01 , DVP3055V/19 , DVP3055V/02 , DVP3055V/05 , DVP3100V/05 . more less

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