Hard disk/DVD recorder

160 GB DVDR7260H/05

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I reset my Philips DVDR?

In some situations your device may freeze and no longer respond to the remote control commands. For example: * A DVD is stuck in the tray and the message BLOCKED appears on the display * A feature is absent from the menu or unavailable without a logical explanation * A particular feature (channel search, for example) of the device does not work In this type of situation, a reset may restore your recorder�s functionality. Important: Before you try a reset, we urge you to verify that all cables are firmly inserted into the appropriate sockets and intact. Try a different cable and different types of connections to be absolutely sure. Also make sure that the signal entering your home is at nearly full strength and consult an antenna specialist if it is not. During a reset, your device will adopt the factory settings and any personal settings, stored channels, scheduled recordings etc. will be lost. If your device has a hard disk, the data that is stored on there will not be affected by a reset. Proceed as follows: 1. Unplug the mains cord from the power outlet. 2. Press the POWER/ON button on the DVD recorder. 3. Keep the POWER/ON button pressed and reconnect the mains cord to the wall outlet. You will now see the message �IS TV ON?� or a demo sequence appear on the display. 4. Start the first installation process and perform a new automatic channel search. If the issue that you are experiencing persists even after a reset, we advise you return the device to your dealer for an inspection or to contact our consumer support (contact details on the support page).

The information on this page applies to the following models: DVDR7260H/05 , DVDR5350H/05 , DVDR7300H/05 .

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