Hard disk/DVD recorder

250 GB DVDR3460H/05


How to improve the picture quality on Philips recorder?

  • Check the cables and the connections * Make your cables as short as possible * Use good cables. A SCART cable should be fully screened * Verify the connections of the TV * If you use an external receiver make sure the video output setting of the receiver is set to RGB * If you use a Set Top Box (STB) to receive and record TV channels: > Most STB?s send a CVBS-signal and not an RGB-signal through the second SCART connection (called TO VCR, or VCR/DVD, ?). If you have connected the DVD recorder to this connection you do not get the optimum picture quality. > Connect the SCART cable from the SCART socket on the STB called TO TV to EXT 2 of the DVD recorder. See FAQ ?How can I connect external devices to the recorder?? > Note: if you connect an STB with scart connect the DVD recorder to the TV with SCART as well. * If bad picture quality only occurs with one or a few channels check with the provider that there are no problems with the broadcasting of these channels. There is nothing wrong with the recorder. > Do a manual channel search for these channel(s) >* Do a manual channel search for these channel(s) on a different program number of the DVD recorder

The information on this page applies to the following models: DVDR3460H/05 , DVDR3450H/05 , DVDR3440H/05 .

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