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    Lumea Prestige IPL - Hair removal device

    4 intelligent attachments, Underarms, bikini area, body, face, With SmartSkin sensor, + Satin Compact pen trimmer BRI949/00


    How does the SmartSkin sensor work for Philips Lumea Prestige?

    The SmartSkin sensor on your Philips Lumea Prestige recommends the setting which was comfortable for most women with a skin tone similar to yours. If the treatment feels uncomfortable with these settings you can always lower them manually. 

    How do I use the SmartSkin sensor?

    • Press the SmartSkin sensor (the magnifying glass icon) and put your Philips Lumea prestige on your skin. The sensor will scan your skin and the suggested light intensity that you could use will blink white. This indicates the highest setting that might still feel comfortable and does not cause side effects.

    • Press the confirmation button (V) to confirm that you want to use the suggested settings advice.

    Note: We advise you to use the SmartSkin sensor on different areas of your body. This is because skin colour and sensitivity may vary in different body areas. We advise choosing the setting that you feel comfortable with per body area.

    How to use the SmartSkin sensor on Philips Lumea prestige

    Can I also change the settings manually?

    Yes, you can also set the light intensity manually. To do so you can consult the skin tone/hair colour table in the user manual, which will advise you on the recommended intensity settings.

    Philips Lumea Prestige only is suitable for skin tone I to V.

    Philips Lumea skin tone and hair colour chart

    The information on this page applies to the following models: BRI949/00 , BRI954/00 , BRI950/00 , BRI953/00 , BRI956/00 . more less

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