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    PerfectCare Performer Steam generator iron

    Max 6.5-bar pump pressure, Up to 420 g steam boost, 1.8 l water tank capacity, Safety carry lock GC8750/66


    I pressed the Calc-Clean button on my Philips iron by mistake

    If you have accidentally pressed the Calc-Clean button on your Philips steam generator iron, please read the following to solve it.

    What to do after accidentally pressing the Calc-Clean button in your steam generator iron

    To solve this, you will need to reset your iron to the normal function. In order to do this, please do the following:

    1. Switch off and unplug your iron
    2. Switch on your iron again,

    After this, your steam generator iron will go back to normal mode.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: GC8750/66 , GC8755/86 , HI5916/26 , HI5914/36 , GC6704/36 , GC6709/26 , GC6730/36 , GC6833/36 , GC6830/26 , GC6733/26 , GC7057/20 , GC7805/20 , GC7833/80 , GC7808/40 , GC7055/20 , GC7717/80 , GC8712/20 , HI5910/20 , GC8733/20 , GC8715/20 , GC8735/80 , GC7710/20 , GC7715/80 , GC7703/20 , GC7705/30 , GC6627/30 , GC6630/20 , GC6606/20 , GC6603/20 , GC6612/30 , GC7035/20 , GC7037/27 , GC6602/20 , GC6611/30 , GC6621/20 , GC6625/30 , GC6631/30 , GC7015/20 . more less

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