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My DreamWear mask seems to be leaking

If your DreamWear mask seems to be leaking, there could be several reasons. Please find out how we can help you.

Connections that are loose or not fully tightened may cause an air leak

Check that all the connections (mask, hose, elbow) are secure.

The placement may not be seated correctly

Try reseating the full face cushion on your face under the nose first to correct the leak. If there is no improvement with the above steps, readjust the headgear straps. The mask should be as loose as possible while still creating a seal. A mask that is too tight against the face can cause leaks to occur by creating folds in the material.

The problem persists

You can find more fitting guide instructions and videos at https://www.sleepapnea.com/products/masks/dreamwear/pillows-right-fit/.

If you are still having trouble when fitting your mask, consult your user guide for complete fitting instructions.

If neither of these methods work, try a different cushion and/or frame size. Talk to the homecare provider about trying other sizes.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HH1116/00 , HH1117/00 , HH1118/00 , HH1119/00 . more less

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