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    How to stop a baby from crying

    You’ve tried everything soothing technique in the book. So why won’t your otherwise healthy baby stop crying?

    Here’s the tricky truth every parent grapples with. Sometimes healthy babies cry for no reason at all. In fact, it’s such a common experience, particularly for babies between 2 weeks – 4 months, that inconsolable tears have their own name: purple crying.


    Don’t worry, there’s no purple involved. It’s simply an acronym to describe the bouts of frequent and inconsolable crying that can happen during this time.


    So if you’ve ruled out all the possible culprits like fatigue, discomfort, hunger and illness, know that it’s not all on you. Some baby conundrums simply can’t be solved. And even if you can’t stop your baby crying, your arms will still be a comforting place for your baby to be.


    If you need, take time to step away, ask for help from another caregiver or admit you’ve had enough. And when their tears have subsided, don’t underestimate the power of talking to friends and support groups about what motherhood feels like for you. Your well-being counts too!

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