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    5 bikini line hair removal tricks
    for smooth lines and no bumps

    Whether you prefer a full-on Hollywood look or just tidy up the edges, bikini line hair removal can come with a few challenges. If ingrown hairs aren’t a problem, there’s always shaving rash, or (if you’re really unlucky) tiny cuts in the absolute last place you’d want them. So what’s the best way to remove bikini line hair and get great results – without forking out for a full-on salon treatment?

    Here at Philips, our Beauty team has been helping women overcome hair removal challenges through innovation for over 50 years. Here’s our top five tips on dealing with hair ‘down there’.

    How to do expert bikini line hair removal at home – 5 tips

    1. Choose your method … wisely.


    Finding the best bikini line hair removal method for you might take some thought. There are four main types, each with pros and cons:


    • Trimming. Perfect if you just want a little off the top.
    • Shaving. Cuts the hair at the root. A popular option, but you can irritate (or nick) the skin if you’re not careful. The smooth feeling tends to last only a few days, so upkeep can be time consuming.
    • Waxing or epilating. Swiftly pulls the hair out from the root, rather than cutting it. A little initial discomfort is involved, but the results last longer than shaving.
    • Intense Pulsed Light technology (IPL): No longer a salon-only treatment, believe it or not. Home IPL devices use flashes of light to stimulate hair into its resting phase, and can provide a whopping eight hair-free weeks* after the first four treatments.

    2. Care for your skin before and after you remove hair 


    No matter what method you’re using to get rid of unwanted hair, you need to treat your skin well to get the best results. Before you start, very gently exfoliate and cleanse the area. Afterwards, dry the skin with a soft cloth (if needed) and apply a soothing cream or moisturiser.


    Remember: The skin on the vulva (the outer part of your genitals) is very delicate and generally shouldn’t be treated with harsh products. Exfoliate very gently with a dry cloth if you’re removing hair from this region, and soothe it with cold water after you’ve finished.

    3. Prevent ingrown hairs and shaving rashes, rather than treating them.


    Ingrown hairs are those little red bumps you sometimes see along your bikini line. They’re created when growing hairs curl back into the skin, or fail to exit it. They’re a particular problem around the bikini line, where hair is coarser and curlier. Shaving rash, meanwhile, is a wider area of redness and soreness, and happens when rough shaving aggravates the skin.


    So, how do you avoid these common bikini line problems? According to the NHS, ingrown hairs and rashes are far more likely if you’re shaving, rather than using an epilator or IPL technology like the Philips Lumea Prestige. But if you’re set on using shaver, then a few basic changes to your routine can help:


    • Shave using hot water and a transparent shaving gel. This opens the pores, helps the blades glide over your skin, and (because there’s no foam) lets you see what’s going on.
    • Shave in the direction of hair growth, using as few strokes as possible. Going over the same area multiple times may irritate the skin.
    • Replace your blades regularly, and rinse them well after each stroke. They need to be sharp and clean.

    4. Finish up with an overall trim.


    Once you have the bikini line you want, it’s time to neaten up the remaining hair. The best advice we can give you here is to use a well-placed mirror to keep an eye on what you’re doing. If you want really even, professional results, use a trimmer.

    5. Hate doing bikini line hair removal, but love the results? Try IPL technology.


    There’s no escaping the fact that doing your bikini line isn’t exactly fun. If you’d rather go weeks at a time without even thinking about it, an IPL device like Philips’ Lumea Prestige can help you – you can enjoy eight whole hair-free weeks after four painless treatments*. No need to take a razor or an epilator on holiday, and no need to book in a treatment. Total freedom from hair removal for over a month.


    Here are some extra benefits: you can use it at home, so there’s no need to strip down to your knickers in a salon. There’s no irritation to the skin, so you can finally say goodbye to ingrown hairs and shaving rash. Plus, the lamp lasts 20 years††, so it’s well worth the investment. Find out more about Philips Lumea here.


    That’s all there is to know about bikini line hair removal at home! Simple, right? Now, for more skincare tips, check out our guide to getting ultra-smooth legs.

    *When following treatment schedule, measured on legs, individual results vary.

    **Based on 1,546 women who remove hair at home (tweezers, razors, replacement razor heads, shaving foam, wax strips, epilators etc.)

    †Based on 884 women who remove hair in-salon (brow-shape, bikini wax, IPL/laser treatments etc.)

    ††Calculated for use on lower legs, bikini, armpits and face. The lamp lifetime does not extend the Philips 2-year worldwide guarantee.

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