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Philips in collaboration with Armin van Buuren


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Philips in collaboration with Armin van Buuren

The Philips DJ Pro equipment has been engineered in collaboration with Armin van Buuren to create essential DJ equipment for those who live for music. Armin's experience and professionalism has set a benchmark for the highest industry standards.

Philips Professional DJ Headphones

The Philips PRO DJ headphones have been co-designed with Armin van Buuren, whose experience has helped us to engineer the PRO DJ headphones to the highest industry standard. With unparalleled sound in a robust aluminium construction, the PRO DJ headphones are built for comfort and performance. This headphone is an ideal tool for music professionals.


Aluminium-hinged alloy steel headband for enhanced durability

High output power

50 mm drivers engineered for 3500mW power handling


Folds into a compact form for easy storing and carrying

Replaceable cushion

Detachable, replaceable and comfortable ear cushions

Philips M1X-DJ sound system

Music is essential to Armin Van Buuren's life. The M1X is a DJ mixer and sound system inspired by his passion — everything an aspiring DJ needs to get a party going in a transportable unit. Perform whenever you want, wherever you want.

Seamless djay 2
app integration

Dock your iPad with Algoriddm's djay 2 iPad app to make mixing on your iPad as easy as mixing on decks. Use big scratch wheels, cross faders and deck controls to create mixes from songs in the iPad music library, or let the Automix mode do all the hard work. Intuitively usable and with advanced multi-touch mixing features, Algoriddm’s djay 2 app makes mixing easy for everyone from beginners to pros.

Top quality scratch wheels and cross faders

Large tactile and touch sensitive jog wheels feel just like mixing on vinyl and are tailor-made for incredible scratch performances


Reversible control panel

When you aren't mixing or performing, flip the control panel over and use the M1X-DJ as a Bluetooth speaker so you can kick back, relax and listen to your music or throw yourself into the party.

Daisy chain for bigger sound

Connect multiple M1X-DJs together or connect to any external speaker or amplifier using the audio out connection to bring down the house in parties around the world.

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DJ-Style monitor headphones

Philips monitor headphones provide superb comfort and are tuned to deliver outstanding audio quality with deep dynamic bass and powerful sound. Extended functionality makes it perfect for life on-the-go and a versatile tool for DJ style monitoring.

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