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Multiroom speakers with Spotify Connect

Play your favorite Spotify tunes anywhere in your home with Philips Spotify multiroom speakers. Simply use your Spotify app as a remote to browse and play your music in every room without sacrificing quality.

Play music from one speaker at a time or all at once

Philips Spotify Wireless Multiroom speakers let you play songs in one room, or in many at the same time, so your music can either follow you around the house or stay where you want it. Each person in the house can play to any selected speaker, and when additional speakers are purchased they can be added to the system wirelessly and easily.

Spotify Connect for an effortless native app experience

Using Spotify Connect you can easily browse, explore and play music from any room in the house using your smart device as a remote. With a direct Spotify connection, you can play music straight from the cloud so your mobile device can be used for calls, videos or even go out of range without interrupting your music. This is also more battery friendly, since energy used for music is minimized. All the same great Spotify features are there, from its ready-made lists to its high sampling rates. Everything you need to discover new music and hear it at its best.

One-press 'Play' for the last heard Spotify track

Listen to your favorite song almost without interruption. Just hit 'Play' on the wireless multiroom speaker to start playing the last song you heard on Spotify, without even unlocking your mobile device.







Press 'Play' for 'Music Follow Me'

When you press 'Play', music starts instantly on the speaker, no matter if it was last played on a smart phone, tablet or other smart device. This feature also lets you flip from one speaker to another in different rooms.

Direct access buttons - no app required

Handy control buttons (Play / Pause, Volume Up / Down, Previous / Next) give you access to the controls you need, without fiddling with an app. Once an album, playlist or station has been selected, skipping tracks, repeating or pausing the music is a button press away.

Philips companion app simplify wireless speaker setup

Philips SpeakerSet Multiroom Manager app helps you set-up and manage your Philips Spotify Multiroom speakers effortlessly. Simply connect your new Philips Spotify Multiroom speaker to your home wireless network. If you have more than one speaker, use the app to group the speakers for Multiroom use.

Natural clear sound with 4 audiophile-grade drivers

Four audiophile-grade drivers in the speaker create clear and natural sound reproduction, while two bass ports expand low frequency bass, creating a truly immersive and dynamic sound. Enjoy powerful sound in a compact size.