GoSure ADR820 modular dashcam

with GPS and Full HD rear camera options

    GoSure ADR820 modular dashcam

    with GPS and Full HD rear camera options

    Your reliable witness on the road

    The Philips ADR820 is a premium modular dashcam that gives you the freedom to add on GPS or full HD rear camera functions as you need. Connected via Wi-Fi, you can also fully control the ADR820 from your smartphone. See all benefits


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GoSure ADR820 modular dashcam with GPS and Full HD rear camera options

Live video streaming via Wi-Fi, APP control for Android & Ios, Quality night recordings, Large 2.7” built-in screen 56750XM Find similar products

Your reliable witness on the road

Modular dashcam with GPS & FHD rear camera options

  • Easy-to-install Full HD rear camera module is available

    Want the same great view from the back of your car? You can easily upgrade your ADR820 dashcam by adding its Full HD rear camera module, purchased separately. Simply fix the Full HD rear camera onto your rear windscreen with the strong 3M tape and plug it into your ADR820 with the cable provided. Now your car will be equipped with sharp eyes in the front and back.

  • Plug-and-play optional GPS module is available

    Need a more serene drive? Your ADR820 is also compatible with a GPS suction mount that you can purchase separately. Just replace the normal suction mount in your box with the GPS suction mount, plug it into your dashcam and your ADR820 will keep the GPS stamp on all recordings.

  • 140° wide angle coverage, recording up to 3 lanes of traffic

    Capture more of the scene ahead with a proven 140° super wide angle lens for the front camera and 100° wide angle lens for the optional Full HD rear camera. You’ll be able to record up to three lanes of traffic, helping you gain a more complete picture of any incident on the road.

  • Sony image sensor and F1.8 lens for better night recording

    The Philips ADR820 is equipped with a highly sensitive Sony image sensor and bright F1.8 lens. This helps you capture a sharp, high-quality recording of your journey, even when driving at night or in other low-light conditions.

  • Built-in Wi-Fi allows live streaming on most smartphones

    With built-in 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, you can live stream your dashcam videos on your smartphone (file format is mp4). Simply download the free Philips GoSure app (available for Android and iOS), and you’ll have smart control of your dashcam.

  • G-sensor detects collisions, triggering emergency recording

    Equipped with a 3-axis G-sensor module, the Philips ADR820 detects movement and triggers an emergency recording mode. During a collision that exceeds a certain force threshold, the device will lock that video clip to prevent it being overwritten – safely securing this on a durable memory card.

  • Automatic driver fatigue alert warning beep

    To help remind a driver to get sufficient rest, the Philips ADR820 will periodically sound a beeping warning alarm to alert the driver.

  • 2.7” LCD screen allows instant video playback on the spot

    After a collision, people look to apportion blame. With a built-in 2.7” LCD screen, you get instant video playback, including a date and time stamp. So you’ll be better able to resolve any disputes with objective evidence, speeding up any roadside investigation and insurance claim process.

  • Camera alerts you if the SD card is not working

    So you’re never driving without a recording camera, the GoSure ADR820 is the first ever dashcam to feature Micro SD card failure detection and warning signal. You’ll receive a warning if there are any problems, including new SD card formatting issues, inability to record or SD card incompatibility.

  • Designed to perform under tough driving conditions

    Built from high quality components, the Philips ADR820 is designed to perform under tough driving conditions. Rigorously tested, it operates in extreme temperatures (from -10°C up to 60°C), and can handle the constant vibrations of a moving vehicle.

  • High quality accessories for an easy-to-use experience

    The Philips ADR820 comes bundled with high-quality accessories for an easy-to-use and long lasting experience. When connected to the cigarette lighter socket, the 3.6-metre power cable provides reliable power to your device. Furthermore, to prevent the camera falling off at a critical moment, such as during a collision or emergency braking, the strong suction mount will keep your camera securely fixed to your windscreen.

  • Built - in super capacitor for more safety

    Instead of a regular battery, the ADR820 uses a super capacitor. As it is more resistant to vibrations and overheating, this is a safer and more stable option for use in a car. This makes the super capacitor more reliable and longer-lasting than normal batteries.

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