Technical Specifications

  • Country of origin

  • What is included

    Feeding Bottle (260 ml/9 oz)
    2  pcs
    Feeding Bottle (125 ml/4 oz)
    2  pcs
    Extra soft Slow Flow teat
    2  pcs
    Extra soft Newborn Flow teat
    4  pcs
    Newborn Soother
    1  pcs
    Bottle and teat brush
    1  pcs
  • Development stages

    0–6 months

What's in the box?

All items in the box

Other items in the box

  • Feeding Bottle 125 ml,
  • Feeding Bottle 260 ml,
  • Bottle and teat brush,
  • Extra soft, newborn flow teat,
  • Extra soft, Slow Flow Teat,
  • Newborn soother.

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