Philips AVENT

Baby feeding essentials

    Philips AVENT

    Baby feeding essentials

    Baby feeding made easy

    Express, store, feed, clean, sterilise and keep your bottles cold or warm when travelling, thanks to our Baby Feeding Essentials Set.


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Baby feeding made easy

  • Microwave steam steriliser

    Microwave steam steriliser

    Compact and lightweight (fits most microwaves); convenient for travel; large capacity (holds 6 Philips AVENT bottles); ultra fast; easy to use (just add water, load and place in the microwave); safe, easy handling (side grips close the lid securely)

  • Manual breast pump with cup

    Manual breast pump with cup

    Our manual breast pump has a unique active massage cushion intended to help stimulate natural let-down. It has been designed to increase your comfort when you are pumping. Express in a bottle or directly into a storage cup. Thanks to the adaptor compatible with Philips AVENT teats, you can also feed your baby directly from the cup, no need to transfer into a bottle.

  • Curved brush head and moulded tip

    Curved brush head and moulded tip

    Specially curved brush head and moulded handle-tip reach the corners of all types of bottles, teats and feeding equipment for thorough cleaning.

  • Milk storage cups

    Milk storage cups

    Ideal for storing breast milk: Thanks to the adaptor that is compatible with Philips AVENT breast pumps and teats, you can express your milk directly into the cup and feed your baby from the same cup. Cups are pre-sterilised/ready to use, easy to label, leak proof, can be used in a fridge/freezer and are dishwasher safe

  • Bottles clinically proven to reduce colic*

    Bottles clinically proven to reduce colic*

    Unique anti-colic system consists of the Philips AVENT teat and adaptor ring allowing air to flow into the bottle instead of your baby's tummy for better digestion.

  • Milk powder dispenser

    Milk powder dispenser

    This handy little unit carries 3 pre-measured portions of milk powder in separate compartments. When you're ready to feed, just pour the powder into the bottle of pre-boiled cooled water. Remove inner sections to use as a bowl or container.

  • Neoprene ThermaBag (Black)

    Neoprene ThermaBag (Black)

    Holds 2 Philips AVENT Bottles, 2 toddler cups or 4 storage cups and ensures bottles stay warm or cool (storage of cold expressed breast milk/formula or pre-boiled hot water for up to 4 hours).

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  • *A clinical study showed that at two weeks of age, babies showed less fussing than babies fed with another bottle. (Study conducted by the Institute of Child Health, London. 2008.)

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