Digital Wireless Headphone

    Digital Wireless Headphone

    Crystal clear transmission

    Philips digital wireless Hi-Fi headphones for the clearest possible sound reception. Background noise is virtually eliminated giving you a crystal-clear sound. Energising docking station with battery status indicator ensures easy recharging.

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Crystal clear transmission

Digital wireless Hi-Fi

  • 40 mm speaker driver delivers sound without distortion

    The 40 mm speaker driver is made of a composite Mylar material for a highly sensitive yet powerful element that delivers sound without audible distortion.

  • 3-way adjustment for a better fit and bass performance

    Enjoy a comfortable fit and experience better bass performance thanks to the three-way adjustable ear shells that fit naturally around your ears.

  • Automatic tuning simplifies tuning reception frequency

    Pressing the handy tuning button on the headphone sets the microprocessor-controlled circuit going to optimally tune the transmission frequency for the best possible reception and superb audio quality.

  • Digital Wireless Transmission for the highest-quality audio

    Digital wireless transmission not only ensures more consistent reception and better quality audio than analogue FM transmission systems, it also uses less power. And thanks to patented Philips technology, the audio remains in perfect sync with video when walking around.

  • Energising docking station stores and recharges receiver

    The docking station is the most convenient way to store your receiver when not in use. At the same time, it will recharge your receiver unit and have it ready for use at any moment.

  • Digital audio and transmission for ultimate quality

    The audio signal is digital from the transmission link right up to the headphone, ensuring top quality and excellent resistance to interference.

  • Ultra lightweight headband improves comfort

    The slim, lightweight, stainless steel headband is so light you'll hardly notice you're wearing it.

  • Breathable headband improves comfort for prolonged use

    The extensively cushioned 'Auto Fit' headband with integrated breathable mesh ensures you stay cool and comfortable during prolonged periods of use.

  • Easy to adjust headband ensures optimum fit and comfort

    The easy to adjust mechanism provides a comfortable, close fitting acoustic seal between the ear cushion and ear, ensuring optimal performance.

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