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Multimedia Speakers 2.1

    Multimedia Speakers 2.1

    Powerful, rich sound

    40-W output gives deep, rounded tones with less distortion. The 2-way tweeter + woofer design produces both high and low to mid-range frequencies, maximising output with a more balanced sound.

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Powerful, rich sound

Unparalleled listening experience

  • Convenient aux-in and headphone out on front of speaker

    Convenient aux-in and headphone out on front of speaker

    Now you can enjoy your favourite music and entertainment even easier and more conveniently, via the aux-in and headphone out jack on the front of these speakers. Usually, if you want to connect another device other than your PC you have to unplug the 3.5 mm jack from the computer and that is not always expedient. But with the aux-in and headphone out connections on front you can quickly and easily listen to music straight from almost any device.

  • 2-way tweeter + woofer design

    A dual-range speaker with two drivers produces high frequencies from the tweeter and low and mid-range frequencies from the woofer. This maximises output with a more balanced sound than that from the commonly used one-way structure, where a single driver has to produce all the frequencies. So you can enjoy better acoustics with clear vocals and high tones along with solid bass, and all for a very competitive price with this latest Philips range of speakers.

  • Mylar material tweeter for high definition sound

    The unique Mylar material used in the tweeters ensures incredible sound definition. The full range of high frequencies is perfectly reproduced, so music comes to life and films sound like they were meant to. An integral part of the 2-way design, the tweeter improves high frequencies resulting in cleaner, more spacious and more accurate sound in tandem with the woofer. Improved clarity means you can identify all the different elements in the music. Listen to the individual instruments, hear the vocals more clearly, enjoy your music in refreshing detail.

  • PP driver material

    The polypropylene (PP) material in the driver, which is soft, makes for better high frequency sounds. It can help rolling out and produces a purer sound with better clarity and balance. Easier to integrate with the tweeter, the use of this lightweight material results in less vibration.

  • Well damped driver reduces vibration and sound distortion

    A single speaker driver normally incurs a specific frequency division vibration near the edge of the diaphragm, often resulting in some sound distortion. The way to overcome this problem is by using Mylar, a uniform monomer and a much lighter material that is more usually used, around the driver cone. Surrounding the cone in a perfectly symmetrical ring, the resulting damping effect suppresses the asynchronous vibration, resulting in a more balanced and natural sound.

  • Attractive high gloss finish

    High-gloss 'Piano black' finish looks simply superb in both classic and modern interiors.

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