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    DVD Rewritable

    Internal Drive

    Write and label your DVD's

    The Philips internal DVD RW drive not only reads and writes DVD, Dual layer and CD formats, but it also creates superb labels directly on disc. It's fast, easy to install, ultra reliable and designed by the co-inventor of optical media. See all benefits

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Write and label your DVD's

Reliability compatibility

  • Drive with lightScribe function

    LightScribe Direct Disc Labelling makes messy marker pens and awkward stick-on labels a thing of the past! Simply flip over your specially coated recordable/rewritable CD or DVD, re-insert it in the drive and 'burn' fantastic labels with the look and quality of professional silk-screened labels. You can mix text and personalised graphics using the software provided and even add to the label at a later date. It makes finding your archived movies, music, photos and data files easier than ever before.

  • Dynamic Calibration ensures writing quality at high speed

    Dynamic Calibration optimises DVD writing quality of high-speed DVD+RW drives.

  • 8.5GB storage capacity on a single sided double layer disc

    Single sided double layer disc with 8.5 GB storage capacity

  • CD and DVD Burner & Printer in one

    LightScribe technology adds the label printing function to your CD and DVD burner.

  • Plug & Play for easier installation

    Plug & Play gives you the ability to install or add a new component and have it work without having to perform any complex installation procedure or technical analysis.

  • Just flip the disc and label with 3 steps manual

    Only flip the disc and the device will write your personal label on the disc. This way you can not only write your memories and digital music but also have a professional label instead of using handwriting.

  • Safe and reliable re-writing with Seamless Link

    Seamless Link prevents loss of discs caused by writing errors

  • 8x writing on DVD+R DL

    A new drive with more powerful laser to reduce the burning time for double layer discs

  • DVD RAM enlarging your storage capacity

    DVD RAM format supported which makes this drive a Multi drive supporting CD, DVD Rom, DVD RAM.

  • Amazing 20x writing speed

    With the latest technology this drive reached maximum 20x writing speed. This creates the fastest drive in the world with speed and stability.

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