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Philips AVENT

Digital PhotoFrame

    Philips AVENT

    Digital PhotoFrame

    Re-live the first smile

    This PhotoFrame is the perfect combination of quality and fun. Colourful frame accessories are also included for personalisation - pink for a girl and blue for a boy. Instantly enjoy the most precious moments of your baby's first years. See all benefits

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AVENT Digital PhotoFrame

17.8 cm (7"), Multimedia, 4:3 frame ratio SPF2207/10 Find similar products

Re-live the first smile

Philips AVENT PhotoFrame

  • 4:3 aspect ratio for optimal distortion-free display

    Philips digital PhotoFrame ensures your photo is displayed in 4:3 ratio for the best viewing experience.

  • Automatic slideshow from USB or memory card

    Automatic slideshows start from any USB drive or memory card for all those times you don't want to spend time copying photos to your PhotoFrame.

  • Customise your frame with Pink or Blue snap-on frames.

    Two beautifully designed and cheerful frame accessories are included. Pink for girls and blue for boys — sweet dreams guaranteed. Simply snap on.

  • Eco-friendly Photoframe

    Philips PhotoFrames are designed and produced according to our EcoDesign principles aimed at minimising overall environmental impact through lower power consumption, removal of hazardous substances, lower weight, more efficient packaging and better recyclability.

  • imagen Pro for sharp, vibrant and natural skin colours

    The unique Philips imagen enhancement technology automatically analyses your photos to correct colour and adjust for optimal contrast. imagen Pro is a more advanced image enhancement which includes the 3 essential elements from imagen to have more colour accuracy, colour depth and smart contrast. On top of these, imagen Pro offers enhanced skin colour, sharper images and flicker-free photo viewing which is very important for still pictures.

  • Add new glow to old memories with RadiantColor

    RadiantColor is an exclusive Philips technology for displaying smaller photos in the optimal 4:3 ratio by extending the colour on the edges of a less-than-full-screen photo to the sides of the screen, eliminating black bars and aspect ratio distortion.

  • Auto on/off display at pre-set times for power saving

    A timer turns PhotoFrame on and off at the times you choose, reducing energy consumption for the sake of our environment and saving up to one third of your PhotoFrame energy costs.

  • Supports photos, videos and music

    Supports photos, videos and music to give you the freedom to share memories in different ways.

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