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    My Philips printer LFF6020/6050/6080 is not detected when connected to my computer.

    Published on 2021-07-11

    The USB connection to the device may not be good.

    Make sure the device is powered up and working fine (try copying a document)

    Check that the USB cable is properly connected to the slave port of the device (at the back of the device)

    Do not use a long cable (maximal length 2m) due to powering issue with long cables

    If a USB hub is between, connect the device directly to the computer. The hub may be causing problem

    Try another USB cable

    Try other USB port of the computer as they may be differently powered.

    Try the device on another computer. If it is detected, the USB configuration of your computer may be faulty, else the USB port of the device may be damaged.

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