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I think I may have Sleep Apnea.
What next?


If you suspect that you have sleep apnea you should make an appointment with your GP, who will be able to advice you on whether you need to be referred to a sleep specialist for a sleep study. Here is a useful checklist to prepare for your appointment with your GP.

"My wife pushed me into going to see the doctor and it was the best thing I’ve ever done."


-Naveed Hussain, patient

Take the sleep test

1. Take the sleep test


There are only 8 questions so this should only take a few minutes.  You could also ask a family member to note their observations as you sleep, or even make a short recording of you sleeping or snoring.

2. Make an appointment with your GP

Don’t forget to take your results and any written or recorded observations from your family to your appointment.

3. Take the OSA screening and diagnosis

If your GP suspects that you have sleep apnea, they will refer you to a sleep specialist where a sleep study will be conducted to confirm the diagnosis. The sleep study may be done in the sleep centre or you may be given a test kit to use in your own home.

4. Your treatment will begin


If your diagnosis for sleep apnea is confirmed, your sleep specialist will prescribe a course of treatment for you.  This will involve a device and a mask which together deliver gentle air pressure to splint open your aiways, preventing your throat from collapsing when you sleep.

5. Review your treatment


Your Sleep Specialist will put in a place a protocol to monitor your progress and ensure that the treatment you have been prescribed is effective for you.

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