Signaling and
interior lighting

24V signaling and interior lamps

Philips 24V signaling and interior lamps offer a wide range of lighting solutions standard or LED for your truck, bus or heavy-duty vehicle. From front, side or rear indicator lights to stop, fog, and license plate lights, Philips has the high-performance and long-lasting lamps you need for your vehicle.

24V halogen range: MasterLife and MasterDuty signaling and interior lighting

While on the long haul, your drivers require safety and comfort during their missions. Philips MasterLife and MasterDuty signaling and interior lighting ranges offer just that. Their top quality and long-lasting powerful performance helps you to be seen in all weather conditions and make your night break a comfortable one.
Animation about truck lighting during the day and during the night

24V LED upgrade range

Philips X-tremeUltinon LED are some of the toughest and best-performing bulbs on the market. Because of their 12-year lifetime and exceptional heat and vibration resistance, they are the perfect choice for 24V lighting and for those seeking an economical but performant solution for the entire fleet. Instant-on for more safety, the Philips X-tremeUltinon LED lighting solution is the ideal upgrade and replacement for any heavy vehicle. 


Philips X-tremeUltinon LED bulbs for 24V are available in:

  • LED-FEST 38 mm
  • LED-FEST 43 mm
  • LED-WHITE [≈P21]
  • LED-T20-WHITE [≈W21]
  • LED-T20-WHITE [≈W21/5]
  • LED-RED [≈P21]
  • LED-RED [≈P21/5]
  • LED-T20-RED [≈W21]
  • LED-T20-RED [≈W21/5] 

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