Satinelle Ice Premium Epilator

Satinelle Ice Premium Epilator

Cordless HP6511/04


My appliance does not charge. What should I do? (only for rechargeable appliances)

  • Make sure the socket to which you connect the appliance is live.
  • Check whether the small plug has been inserted into the appliance properly.
  • If the appliance still does not charge, please contact your nearest Philips Service Center.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HP6511/04 , HP6517/04 , HP6511/05 , HP6511/02 , HP6511/00 , HP6517/00 , HP6503/10 , HP6503/99 , HP6490/00 , HP6503/09 , HP6503/00 , HP6492/11 , HP6493/00 , HP6491/00 , HP6492/00 , BRE610/00 , BRE630/00 , BRE650/00 , HP6575/00 , HP6577/00 , HP6579/00 , HP6581/00 , HP6581/03 , HP6582/00 , HP6583/03 . more less



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