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    The next generation SENSEO® coffee machines deliver great tasting coffee that’s brewed to perfection. Simple to use and with a range of flavors to suit any mood and every occasion, you can enjoy full, smooth coffee with that authentic crema layer, at the touch of a button.

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  • Philips Filter Coffee
    Philips Filter Coffee

    Philips Filter Coffee

    Coffee should be a daily pleasure. That’s why we’ve designed our machines to make coffee taste great, every time. Built from the best modern materials, our sleek and stylish filter coffee machines are ideal for anyone who appreciates the finer things in life.

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  • Philips Saeco
    Philips Saeco

    Philips Saeco

    You don’t have to go to a café to savor real espresso coffee. With our Italian heritage, we’re proud to say we invented – and perfected – the first-ever fully automatic ‘bean-to-cup’ espresso machine that grinds fresh coffee beans every time you use it.

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Explore rich Italian espresso

When it comes to tasting that authentic espresso or cappuccino - rich with flavor, passion and style - you no longer have to go to an Italian Café. You can enjoy it, simply and easily, in the comfort of your own home with our espresso machines.

We've taken the best that any expert Barista could create and fitted it into our fully automated bean-to-cup espresso machines, that we invented and perfected. That perfect aroma is extracted from freshly ground coffee beans - at the simple touch of a button - to give you that unforgettable rich taste in every cup of coffee.

Philips Saeco highlights

See how our wealth of experience can deliver you a great, authentic taste with minimum fuss.

The Philips Saeco collection

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Philips Saeco Accessories

Style to stimulate the senses

Whether you're planning the day ahead or catching up with old friends, you don't have to go further than your kitchen to make a delicious cup of coffee with the SENSEO® coffee machine. And when the choice between a coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato or black coffee is as easy as pressing a button, the hardest thing you'll have to do is choose one of the many blends to enjoy.

The easy-to-use SENSEO® coffee machines give you the choice to match your coffee to the moment. Make two cups at the same time, always brewed to perfection. And enjoy a rich variety of tastes and aromas, finished off every time with that authentic crema layer.

  • Adjustable spout
  • 2 coffee cups at the same time
  • Auto shut off
  • Strength select
  • Unique brewing
  • Foam layer

Adjustable spout

By raising or lowering the spout or drip tray you can adjust your SENSEO® coffee machine to the size of your favorite cup or mug.

2 cups at the same time

Enjoy a perfect cup of coffee in approximately 30 seconds, or two cups in less than a minute.

Auto shut off

Your SENSEO® coffee machine will automatically switch off to help you save the energy.

Strength select

Prepare your favorite cup of coffee by adjusting the strength and intensity of its taste. With the strength select function you can choose between strong short and mild long coffee.

Unique brewing

The unique SENSEO® brewing system ensures every cup is freshly brewed with the perfect balance of coffee and water – for a smooth, full taste and delicious aroma.

Foam layer

Your perfect cup of coffee always comes with a rich and delicious coffee foam layer – proof of premium taste and quality.

The SENSEO® coffee machine collection

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Great taste, every time

There's nothing quite like the sound of coffee brewing, or the aroma that fills your home. And with our sleek and stylish filter coffee machines, filling your daily cup is a pleasure you'll want to share. So when family and friends come round, with our coffee machines you'll always be able to serve up rich, great-tasting coffee with the minimum of fuss.

Built from the best modern materials, our filter coffee machines are designed to stand out in any home. The unique brewing system extracts all the flavor and aroma. And features such as Strength Select ensure your coffee is always just how you like it. In fact, we've done everything to keep coffee tasting great. All you need to do is enjoy the coffee.

  • Simply good coffee

    Simply good coffee

    Coffee should be a daily pleasure, so our coffee machines are designed to make coffee brewing simplicity itself.

  • Coffee at your convenience

    Coffee at your convenience

    Our unique system extracts and preserves all the flavor and aroma from ground coffee, whilst strength control means your coffee is perfect every time. And the thermos jug locks in all the warmth and taste.

  • Enrich your coffee moments

    Enrich your coffee moments

    You want the ultimate taste and aroma. From Boil & Brew to integrated grinders, we do everything to bring it to you.

See the filter coffee range in action

The filter coffee range

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Filter Coffee accessories


Enrich your home coffee experience with our range of high quality accessories. Whether you've got a SENSEO®, Philips Saeco or filter coffee machine, you'll find everything you need here.

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Philips Saeco Milk Frother

Discover the secret of perfect milk foam.

Discover the secret of the best Italian baristas. Now you can create coffee specialties in the comfort of your own home. From iced cappuccino in the summer to a latte macchiato on a cold winter's day. It's fully automatic, and easy to clean too.

Maintenance products

Make sure you're enjoying the best coffee, every time, with our range of maintenance products. Like our descalers, which remove harmful limestone build-up from your valves, and our water filters which make sure your water is pure.

Why descale?

  • Performs better for longer

    Limestone build-up clogs the valves. Keeping your machine scale-free will not only ensure it performs more efficiently, it’ll also extend your appliance lifetime.

  • Better tasting coffee

    This is really what matters. A scale free coffee machine guarantees maximum cup volume at the right brewing temperature, resulting in the best tasting coffee.

  • Better hygiene inside and out

    We recommend descaling your machine every three months. Our descalers carefully remove all the limestone deposits, for a more hygienic machine throughout.

    Preparation Accessories

    Prepare the perfect coffee – and even add your own trademark flourish – with our range of preparation accessories.