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    Automatic espresso machines
    Saeco automatic espresso machines
    Milk solutions
    Coffee drinks
    Coffee milk drinks

    Find machines that can prepare coffee drinks with frothed milk - like Cappuccino.


    Find all machines that prepare an espresso shot. Espresso is made by forcing 88º C hot water for 25 seconds under 9bar effective pressure through 7 grams tampered and finely ground coffee for an espresso of 25ml topped with a fine crema layer. More intense and pure than a filter coffee.

    Materials and finishing
    Plastic & Stainless steel

    Stylish stainless steel elements have been tastefully combined with durable synthetic materials for a harmonic machine design that is easy to clean.

    Cleaning & maintenance
    AquaClean filter compatible

    Automatic espresso machines that will fit the patented AquaClean water filter. The AquaClean ensures you don’t have to descale your automatic espresso machine for 5000 cups (2 years).

    Accessories and parts

    Everything you need to prepare a coffee or even extend the functionalities of your coffee machine.


    Water filters, descalers and more to help you extend the life of your coffee or espresso machine.

    Replacement parts

    Something broke? These parts will save you the costs of replacing the entire espresso or coffee maker.

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