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    This innovative double foil shave guarantees you a fast and more efficient shave. Its twin head makes light work of even the toughest hairs. The gentle 24K gold shaving foil prevents irritations of extra sensitive areas.

    Product features

    • Takes care of longer hairs

      An integrated pop-up trimmer takes care of longer hairs.

    • Can be used wet or dry

      Rechargeable - 20 minutes of shaving time.

    • Floating shaving head follows your body curves

      Adjusts to every curve of your body without running the risk of cuts and nicks

    • Hypoallergenic golden shaving foils protect your skin

      Hypoallergenic golden shaving foils minimise irritation and allergic reactions on your skin

    • Aloe vera strip for better skin hydration

      Integrated aloe vera strip increases skin hydration for a smooth and safe shave

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