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    The PicoPix pocket projector with USB QuickLink offers a USB plug and socket for direct connection to a wide range of appliances to project your digital content onto a screen up to 60" in size.

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    Product features

    • LED technology for brilliant colours and high contrast

      Your pictures and videos deserve the best quality when it comes to sharing them with those around you. This is why the PicoPix pocket projector uses high quality LED technology to project your pictures and videos in brilliant colours and breathtaking contrast.

    • Share videos directly from your iPhone or other video devices

      Connect your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Camcorder, Gaming console or any other video devices and project all your content directly with your PicoPix on a big screen.

    • Play videos directly from your USB-Stick or internal memory

      The integrated MP4 Media player supports all common video and audio formats. This makes the PicoPix pocket projector a standalone device, retrieving its content from the internal 2 GB memory, USB stick or a micro SD card.

    • USB plug and socket for power and easy connection

      For those who want to share content directly from their camera, smartphone or USB Stick, the USBQuickLink is the easiest connection to all these devices. When on-the-go, just stick the USB plug and socket together and use the USBQuickLink as a handle.

    • Share your Notebook screen simply via USB connection

      Share your Notebook screen showing your Media- or Web content, like YouTube videos or Party pics, with those around you. Just connect your PicoPix to the PC or Notebook via USB and start projecting.

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