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    LED CANbus

    Discover our LED CANbus

      What is LED CANbus?

      Some car models present particular challenges for LED-based retrofit lamps. When upgrading your car with LED retrofit bulbs, challenges may occur such as an error message on the dashboard, flickering or dimmed lights. These error messages don’t mean the LED bulb itself is faulty.

      Other LED bulb

      Flickering effect

      Dimming effect

      That's why we've developed smart solutions to overcome these challenges. CANbus adapters ensure the vehicle’s lighting systems function smoothly, for reliable electrical performance over time.


      Please check the LED compatibility list to ensure you buy the right connector ring for your car model!

      Adapter CANbus

      Adapter CANbus

      Prevents inaccurate dashboard warnings

      Light repair CANbus

      Light repair CANbus*

      Prevents flickering and dimming 

      *The Philips Light Repair CANbus is directly integrated into our new-generation bulbs (Ultinon Pro5000 and Ultinon Pro9000). No need for additional accessories! In some rare cases, an additional CANbus might be required to eliminate the flickering effect completely.

      Why choose the Philips LED CANbus?

      Compatibility Assured

      Compatibility assured

      Easy to install, these adaptors ensure compatibility with your car's electrical systems, preventing potential problems with dashboard warnings, flickering headlamps and high-beam indicators*.

      Superior Electrical Perfformance

      Superior electrical performance

      The Philips CANbus adaptor lets you ensure the constant performance of your LED upgrade headlamps and enjoy a better electrical fit with your car

      Easy Installation

      Easy installation

      The Philips LED CANbus is compatible with all Philips LED headlight ranges (Ultinon Essential, Ultinon Pro5000 and Ultinon Pro9000)

      Waterproof Connectors

      Waterproof connectors

      Type-specific adaptors are durable and provide IP65 protection from ingress of dust and water

      * High beam dashboard indicator is only valid for LED-HL [≈H4].

      Check LED compatibility list


      Ensure you buy the right connector ring and CANbus for your car model

      Find the right LED CANbus for your car

      Handy tools for helping you to make the right choice

      Find the right led for your car

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      Automotive Support

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