Bodygroom series 5000 Body groomer with back attachment

Skin comfort system, 3 combs, 3-7 mm, 50 min cordless use per charge, 100% showerproof BG2034/13


My Philips bodygroomer does not charge

If your Philips bodygroomer fails to charge, this can be due to several reasons. Please try the following to determine what the problem might be.

If your Philips bodygroomer does not charge:

1) Check if you have unfolded the charging stand completely.

2) Check if you have placed the groomer in the charging stand correctly. (Figs 1 and 2)

3) Check if the charging light lights up. (Fig. 3)

4) Make sure that you charge the groomer for long enough:

The charging time of BG2039 and TT2039 is 8 hours

  • With BG2040 and TT2040, the charging time depends on the serial number. Serial numbers 1152 and higher have a charging time of 1 hour. Serial numbers 1151 and lower have a charging time of 8 hours.

You can find the serial number underneath the shaving unit. (Figs 4 and 5)

Figures 1 - 5

The information on this page applies to the following models: BG2034/13 , TT2039/15 , TT2040/32 , BG2039/40 , BG2040/34 . more less

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