TensRelief Wireless TENS

1 channel using 2 electrodes, Wireless controlled, Integrated activity monitor, 8 programs PR3093/00


There is a cross on the TensRelief display and I cannot increase the intensity level to start a treatment

The cross is the 'channel interrupted' symbol. There are multiple reasons why your TensRelief remote display shows this symbol. Find out how you can resolve it yourself:

Proper electrode placement

  • The 'channel interrupted' symbol may indicate that the electrodes have no proper skin contact and/or have become detached from the skin. Make sure that the electrodes are properly attached to the skin
  • The 'channel interrupted' symbol may indicate that one or several of the TENS units have not been properly placed on the electrodes. Check if the TENS units are placed on the electrodes correctly
  • The electrodes have lost their adhesive power because they are dirty or because they have been used for a long time. You can try to clean the electrodes (see chapter 'Cleaning'). If this does not help, replace the electrodes

Wireless TENS Pro (PR3094) only:

  • If the 'channel interrupted' symbol is above the left intensity button, check if the TENS units are connected properly
  • If the cross is above the right intensity button, check if the connectors of the extension cable are connected properly

Pop-up disappears

Please note that the 'channel interrupted' pop-up only disappears when you have resolved the issue and increased the intensity.

The information on this page applies to the following models: PR3093/00 , PR3094/00 .

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