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    ProMix Handblender

    700 W, SpeedTouch with Turbo, ProMix Technology, 2 times finer blending*, 30% faster* HR2642/71


    How can I get rid of the smell on my Philips chopper?

    To get rid of the smell of onions and garlic, clean the chopper bowl and knife with hot water and detergent straight after use, and store it without closing the lid.


    Clean the motor unit and couplings with a damp cloth only.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: HR2642/71 , HR2505/91 , HR1605/01 , HR1393/01 , HR1393/91 , HR1617/81 , HR1618/91 , HR7964/90 , HR1611/01 , HR1617/90 , HR1617/01 , HR1615/91 , HR1615/01 , HR1615/00 , HR1369/00 , HR1368/00 , HR1366/00 , HR1366/95 , HR1363/03 , HR1364/60 , HR1396/55 , HR1366/03 , HR1364/01 , HR1396/80 , HR1363/00 , HR1364/00 , HR1366/53 . more less

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