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    HR1946/70 Avance Collection MicroMasticating Juicer
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    Avance Collection MicroMasticating Juicer


    Why does the pulp feel moist?

    The amount of moisture that remains in the pulp depends on:

    • The type of fruit (the moisture content varies for each type of fruit)
    • The fibre contained in the fruit (it can block the mesh holes of the sieve so that the juice flows into the pulp container instead of the jug)

    There are several precautions that you can take to avoid fibre from clogging the sieve:

    • Clean all parts of the juicer thoroughly after each use
    • Insert the fruit slowly and do not insert more than one piece at a time
    • Do not exert too much pressure on the pusher

    Note: Even if the remaining pulp feels a little moist, we can assure you that the juicer has extracted the maximum amount of juice.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: HR1946/70 , HR1889/71 , HR1947/31 , HR1832/11 , HR1918/81 , HR1922/21 , HR1895/81 , HR1852/71 , HR1857/71 , HR1857/81 , HR1832/31 , HR1832/41 , HR1832/51 , HR1836/00 , HR1836/01 , HR1845/31 , HR1832/01 , HR1855/01 , HR1823/70 , HR1881/00 , HR1810/71 , HR1810/70 , HR1820/70 , HR1858/90 , HR1821/70 , HR1865/00 , HR1858/93 , HR1821/25 , HR1858/91 , HR1858/30 , HR1840/55 , HR1858/55 , HR1853/55 , HR1843/55 , HR1842/55 , HR1841/55 , HR1854/00 , HR1821/05 , HR1861/20 , HR1840/01 , HR2825/07 , HR1844/55 , HR1858/00 , HR1861/01 , HR1861/00 , HR1858/50 , HR1840/80 , HR1844/80 , HR1842/80 , HR1841/80 , HR1851/00 , HR1820/16 , HR2825/06 , HR1821/10 , HR1840/81 , HR1841/81 , HR1843/00 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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