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    Portable DVD Player

    17.8 cm (7") widescreen LCD, DivX playback PET731/05


    How to install my Philips portable DVD player in a car?

    It is possible to install your Philips portable DVD player in your car. In order to perform the installation, please read the instructions and safety measures below:


    To avoid some potential injuries, make sure the diameter of the headset posts is between 3/8 inch (10 millimetres) to 1/2 inch (13 millimetres) before installation.

    1. Fix the headrest mounting bracket on to the car seat headrest

    • Position the bracket on the bars of the headrest * Fasten the screw to fix the bracket firmly on the bars

    2. Fix the DVD mount bracket to the portable DVD player

    3. Install the DVD player to the headrest

    4. Adjust the angle view

    Removal of the mounting kit and the DVD player

    Warning: Please remove the mounting kit and the DVD player from the seat when the DVD player is not in use.

    2. Do not buckle back the DVD mounting to the headrest

    The information on this page applies to the following models: PET731/05 , PET731/12 , PET2008/93 , PET730/03 , PET738/58 , PET735/00 , PET730/05 , PET708/07 , PET708/98 , PET730/98 , PET707/04 , PET708/58 , PET708/04 , PET730/58 , PET730/93 , PET738/93 , PET730/04 , PET708/05 , PET708/75 , PET707/00 , PET708/37 , PET730/00 , PET707/05 . more less

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