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    Digital Photo Album

    20.3 cm (8"), Touch border control SPH8608/12

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the LCD screen of Philips photoframe touch-enabled?

    The boarder of your Philips Photoframe is touch enabled. However, the LCD screen itself is not touch-enabled. In order to use the touch border, follow these steps:

    How to use the touch border

    After you turn on the Photoframe with the ON/OFF button on the back, you can use the touch border on the front panel to control the Photoframe.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: SPH8608/12 , SPH8628/12 , SPH8528/10 , SPH8408/10 , SPH8428/10 , SPF5010/12 , SPF7008/12 , SPF7208/12 , SPF7010/12 , SPF5208/12 , SPF7010/05 , SPF7010/10 , SPF7008/05 , SPF7208/10 , SPF7208/05 , SPF7008/10 , SPF5008/12 , SPH8008/05 , SPH8208/12 , SPH8208/10 , SPH8208/05 , SPH8008/12 , SPH8008/10 , SPF5008/05 , SPF5208/05 . more less

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