In.Sight wireless HD baby monitor

Watch from anywhere, Hear & speak, Night vision, For iPhone, iPad B120/10C


How to change the name of my Philips monitor?

It is possible to change the name of your Philips monitor, see the simple steps below:

1. Make sure your smartphone and the monitor are connected

Meaning - you can view from the monitor on Philips In.Sight App.

2. On the App, tap on 'Settings' icon

3. Tap on the name of the monitor that you want to change

4. Tap 'Monitor name'

5. Tap on the name and change into the new name

Only use numbers 0 to 9 and/or alphabets A to Z (or a to z) for the name of a monitor.

6. Tap on 'Save'

The information on this page applies to the following models: B120/10C , B120A/10 , M100E/05 , M100G/05 , B120E/10 , M100D/05 , B120/10 , M100D/12 , M100/05 . more less

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