SoundSphere mini speakers

Aluminium, 50 W DS6800W/10


How to use Airplay with Philips SoundStudio App?

Follow the below steps to use Airplay with SoundStudio.

4. Run the SoundStudio App on your Apple device

On the App, there will be a prompt of choosing appropriated speaker. Select your speaker.

5. If there is no prompt, go to the equalizer page

Tap on Select a wireless player.

6. After selecting a speaker, the equalizer page changes to the illustration below


Tap on the radio icon to gain access to Internet radio.

The information on this page applies to the following models: DS6800W/10 , AD6000W/05 , DS9830W/10 , DS9860W/10 , DS9100W/10 , AD7050W/10 , DS3880W/10 , AD7000W/12 , DS3800W/10 , AD7000W/10 , DS8800W/10 , DS9800W/10 . more less

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