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    BDP2985/F7  Blu-ray Disc/DVD player
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    Blu-ray Disc/DVD player


    Why does my Philips player display Local Storage Full?

    If your Philips player displays message Local Storage Full. For BD Live Access (if supported on this disc), please clear Local Storage under the Settings menu, please see below

    General description

    It means that the Local Storage (the internal memory) is full and the Blu-ray disc that you are currently playing offers a BD-live feature that writes data to the Local Storage. If you are able to resume playback, you can ignore this message. If you are unable to access the BD-live feature however, follow the steps below to clear the Local Storage:

    How to clear the local storage

    1. Press Home button on your remote 2. Select Setting, then press OK 3. Select Advance Setup, then press the Play button 4. Select Clear Local Storage, then press OK 5. Select a setting, then press OK * To return to the previous menu, press BACK * To exit the menu, press Home button

    The information on this page applies to the following models: BDP2985/F7 , BDP2930/05 , BDP2900/05 , BDP5500/05 , BDP3300/05 , BDP3380/05 , BDP2600/05 , BDP3282/05 , BDP3280/05 , BDP3280/12 , MBD7020/12 , BDP3250/12 , BDP3250/05 , BDP6000/12 , BDP7600/05 , BDP7600/12 , BDP2800/12 , BDP2850/12 , BDP2850/05 , BDP5200/05 , BDP5200/12 , PB9001/12 , BDP3200/05 , PB9001/05 , BDP3200/12 , BDP5180/05 , BDP5180/12 , BDP2700/05 , BDP8000/12 , BDP2700/12 , BDP9600/12 , BDP7500B2/05 , BDP7500B2/12 , BDP7500S2/12 , BDP3100/05 , BDP3100/12 , BDP5000/12 , BDP7500SL/05 , HTS8160B/98 , BDP7500BL/05 , HTS8160B/12 , BDP7500BL/12 , BDP7500SL/12 , BDP9100/05 , BDP3000/05 , BDP7300/05 , BDP7300/12 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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