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    PicoPix Pocket projector

    140 lumens, with Wi-Fi PPX3614/EU


    How to mirror wirelessly the screen of your laptop with the Philips PicoPix 3610/3614 using the Wlink software ?

    You can mirror the screen of your Windows laptop using the software PicoPix Wlink, please follow the steps below:

    Steps 1-2

    1. Download the PicoPix Wlink software from the Philips
    2. Install the software

    Steps 3-4

    1. Connect your PicoPix to the same network as your laptop.
    2. Start the Wlink Software

    Steps 5-6-7

    1. Search for the Picopix by clicking on the search tab

    2. The IP address of your Picopix will be displayed, click on it and hit select

    3. Click on play to start the mirroring

    Please note:

    The Wlink software is compatible only with Windows XP/Vista/7 /8

    The information on this page applies to the following models: PPX3614/EU , PPX3610TV/EU , PPX3610/EU .

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