Hard disk/DVD recorder

160 GB DVDR3575H/05


How to save external subtitle files on my Philips DVDR?

External subtitle files need to be named exactly the same as the .avi or the .divx file to which they belong and you need to store them in the same folder. You can recognize external subtitle files by the .srt or .sub extension behind the filename. Subtitle files belonging to the movie named “Movie-trailer.avi” for example, should be named “Movie-trailer.srt” or “Movie-trailer.sub” . The recorder will not show the subtitle files separately, but will automatically read them together with the .avi or .divx files. While the movie is playing you can activate or deactivate the subtitles by pressing the [SUBTITLE] button on the remote control.

The information on this page applies to the following models: DVDR3575H/05 , DVDR3597H/05 , DVDR3595H/05 , DVDR3577H/05 , DVDR3590H/05 , DVDR3570H/05 . more less

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