External Hard Disk

multimedia, 750 GB, USB 2.0 SPE9030CC/05


How does the Zoom function work on my Philips player?

The zoom button on the unit cycles through the two available zoom modes. Zoom mode 01: This zoom mode has the possibility to stretch the screen over the horizontal axes; meaning remove the left and right back bars if available. Zoom mode 02: This zoom mode has the possibility to move the entire picture to the right or the left to position the picture in the middle of the screen.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SPE9030CC/05 , SPE9025CC/05 , SPE9025CC/10 , SPE9010CC/05 , SPE9015CC/05 , SPE9015CC/10 , SPE9020CC/05 . more less

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