GoGEAR Portable video player

8 GB SA6185/02


How to sync your Philips player and WMP 10 on your PC?

  1. Start Windows Media Player and then connect your Player to your computer. 2. If you have not set up synchronization between your computer and this device, the Device Setup Wizard starts. 3. In the Device Setup Wizard, click either Automatic or Manual. Automatic is selected as default if your device's storage capacity is greater than 512 megabytes (MB). If your device has less capacity, Manual is already selected. 4. Click Finish. 5. The wizard closes and the Sync feature in the Player is displayed.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SA6185/02 , SA4310/02 , SA4345/02 , SA4340/02 , SA4325/02 , SA4315/02 , SA6125/00 , SA6185/00 , SA6145/02 , SA6145/00 , SA6125/02 , SA6085/02 , SA4320/02 , SA9345/00 , SA9325/00 , SA5115/02 , SA5125/02 , SA5145/02 , SA6014/02 , SA6015/02 , SA6024/02 , SA6025/02 , SA6044/02 , SA6045/02 . more less

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