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    How to disable angle display icon on my Philips player?

    The angle icon appears when the disc contains sequences recorded from different camera angles. It shows the number of available angles as well as the current angle. The angle icon will remain in the upper-right corner of the screen at all times during the playback of the disc. Press the Angle button repeatedly to switch between different viewing angles. However, it is not possible to disable the display of the angle icon.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: PET1002/58 , PET825/58 , PET1002/04 , PET825/04 , PET810/05 , PET706/75 , PET1002/93 , PET825/93 , PET706/00 , PET706/05 , PET725/75 , PET825/75 , PET725/00 , PET825/00 , PET725/44 , PET720/00 , PET824/17 , PET821/05 , PET821/00 , PET720/05 , PET824/37 , PET724/37 , PET1002/00 , PET1002/05 , PET1002/37 , PET805/37 , PET710/94 , PET715/00 , PET715/05 , PET1000/00 , PET1000/37 , PET710/75 , PET710/00 , PET710/05 , PET810/00 , PET810/37 , PET710/37 , PET700/44 , PET700/75 , PET700/00 , PET800/93 , PET800/55 , PET800/00 , PET700/05 , PET800/05 . Show more product numbers Show less product numbers

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