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    Flat TV

    32", LCD, HD Ready 32PFL7772D/12


    How to store both digital and analog channels in Philips TV memory using the first time installation menu?

    • If the TV was in analogue mode while you performed a channel search from the first time installation menu, digital channels will not be stored in the TV memory.

    • In order to receive both analogue and digital channels, make sure that your TV is switched to digital mode before you press the ‘MENU’ button on the TV to restart the first time installation.

    • In digital mode, both analogue and digital channels will be scanned and stored in the TV memory.

    Note: If your TV is in analogue mode, press the ‘A/D’ button on the remote control to switch the TV to digital mode.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: 32PFL7772D/12 , 32PFL7782D/12 , 52PFL7762D/05 , 32PFL7782D/05 , 42PFL7962D/05 , 42PFL7962D/12 , 32PFL7762D/05 , 32PFL7962D/05 , 19PFL5602D/05 , 23PFL5522D/12 , 19PFL5522D/05 , 47PFL5522D/05 , 23PFL5522D/05 , 32PFL3512D/12 , 20PFL5522D/05 , 26PFL7532D/05 , 37PFL7662D/05 , 47PFL7642D/12 , 42PFL7682D/12 , 42PFP5532D/05 , 50PFP5532D/05 , 47PFL7642D/05 , 26PFL7532D/12 , 42PFL7662D/12 , 26PFL5522D/05 , 42PFL7662D/05 , 37PFL5522D/05 , 42PFL5522D/05 , 32PFL5522D/05 , 32PFL5522D/12 . more less

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