Hard disk/DVD recorder

160 GB DVDR5520H/05


How to avoid recording commercials with a Philips DVDR?

In order to perform commercial block skipping, the ?Smart? chaptering feature must be activated. After a recording, you need to put the recorder on stand by. The recorder will then automatically insert chapter markers at the beginning and the end of the commercial scenes. When watching the recording from the hard disk, you can now skip over commercials by pressing the [NEXT >] button. Setting of “Smart” chaptering feature 1. Press OPTIONS on the remote control. 2. Move to { Settings } and press OK. The system settings menu appears. 3. Move to { Recording } and press the right key. 4. Move to { Chapters } and change setting to { Smart } Notes (Important): * This process begins when you put the recorder to standby mode after the recording is completed**. While in standby mode, minor noise and heat will be generated due to commercial chapter marking operation is in progress. Every one hour of recording requires at least 30 minutes of processing time. * Previous recordings before you turn on this feature will not be processed * Accuracy of commercial block detection depends on the broadcasting parameters

The information on this page applies to the following models: DVDR5520H/05 , DVDR5570H/05 .

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