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    2.1 Home theatre

    3D Blu-ray, dock iPod/iPhone HTS7212/12

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Human Interface Device and does my Philips device support it?

    A human interface device or HID is a type of computer device that interacts directly with, and most often takes input from, humans and may deliver output to humans. The term “HID” most commonly refers to the USB-HID specification. Yes, your Home Theater System (HTS) supports Human Interface Device(HID), namely keyboard, hub and mouse. You can use the following to navigate the menus, or access internet or Net TV: * A wired or wireless USB keyboard (English keyboard) * A wired or wireless USB hub (with a keyboard and a mouse) * A wired or wireless mouse To use the wired HID, you need to connect it to the USB connector of your HTS. To use the wireless HID, you need to connect the wireless receiver to the USB connector of your HTS Note: * The HID must comply with the USB-HID class * Your HTS does not support multimedia keys that are available in some keyboards If you face any difficulty, please refer to the user manual of the wireless HID for details or contact our consumer care for support.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: HTS7212/12 , HTS8562/12 , HTS9241/12 , HTS7201/12 , HTS9221/12 , HTS4561/12 , HTS5591/12 , HTS5561/12 , HTS5581/12 , HTS5582/12 , HTS7202/12 , HTS5592/12 , HTS4562/12 , BDP5200/05 , HTS5562/12 , BDP5200/12 . more less

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