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    Philips In.Sight wireless HD home monitor M115D Wi-Fi & HD Wide-angle Night vision Dual pack



    How to relocate my Philips B120 HD monitor?

    If the monitor is to be re-located to another place with the same Wi-Fi network (for example, moving from one room to another room in your home): 1. Unplug the monitor from power supply. 2. Re-locate the monitor. 3. Connect the monitor to power supply. * (i) The monitor LED would first be in solid amber * (ii) Then it changes to flashing green * (iii) When it is successfully connected to the Wi-Fi network, the LED changes to solid green. If the monitor is to be re-located to another place with a different Wi-Fi network: 1. Reset the monitor to erase the Wi-Fi settings. 2. Disconnect the monitor from power supply. 3. Re-locate the monitor. 4. Login to your In.Sight+ account in your mobile device. 5. Follow the on-screen instructions in the InSightHD App to add the monitor to the account.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: M115D/05 , M115G/37 , M115G/05 , M115E/37 , M115E/05 , M115D/37 , M115D/12 , M115/05 , M115/37 , M115/12 , M115E/12 , M115G/12 , B120S/10 , B120N/10 , M120G/10 , M120E/10 , M120D/10 , M120/10 , M120/05 , M120E/37 , M120E/78 , M120E/93 . more less


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