External Hard Disk

250 GB, USB 2.0 SPE3020CC/00

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Philips HDD compatible with my operation system?

Directly - No. The new Philips External Hard Disks (SPE30 series) are pre-formatted in the Microsoft NTFS (New Technology File System) format. This NTFS file format can not be read by Windows 98 & Windows ME. Mac OS X can read NTFS but cannot write to NTFS. Indirectly - Yes.** The Philips External Hard disks can be reformatted into a different file system format. Please read the instructions for your operating system on how to format a disk.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SPE3020CC/00 , SPE3030CC/00 , SPE3040CC/00 , SPE3050CC/00 . more less

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